Romance is not always about champagne and flowers. In fact, this Valentine’s Day, and indeed throughout the entire month of February, love is best toasted with an ice cold beer at Darling Brew, accompanied by locally sourced artisanal foods.

Award winning craft brewery, Darling Brew, is celebrating Valentine’s Day 2017 with a Valentine’s Picnic and live music, on Saturday 11th February, followed by a decadent Valentine’s lunch on Sunday the 12th at Darling Brew’s custom-built Tasteroom and Brewery, situated at 48 Caledon Street in Darling.

Limited edition Valentine’s beer – more than just a message in a bottle

In addition to this, and to coincide with Valentine’s Day, Darling Brew has also released a limited edition Valentine’s Day beer which is infused with pomegranate. The Limited Edition Pomegranate Lager is particularly special in that it allows you to write your own message in the heart shaped space provided on the bottle label. Also sold in packs of four to take away, this is a unique gift for someone you love – or to treat yourself.

The limited edition Valentine’s beer with form a central part of the picnic and the lunch events over the weekend of the 11th and 12th of February and guests will get to sample and experience this one-of-a-kind beer.

Details at a glance:

Saturday 11 Feb 2016 Darling Brew Valentine’s Picnic

Sunday 12 Feb 2016 Darling Brew Valentine’s Lunch with live music

Tuesday 14 Feb 2016 Valentine’s Day food & beer pairing

Location: Darling Brew, 48 Caledon St, Darling