Local sourcing and flavor-led cooking revitalize the Tasteroom kitchen under a new chef.

Recent visitors to the Darling Brew Tasteroom will have noticed a definite upswing in the quality of our menu offering. Generous portions of global pub treats are hitting the table quicker, and they are simply delicious.

The welcome change in our kitchen fortunes is thanks to a new Darling local, Camilla Comins. This talented country cook recently moved to our village from the Karoo town of Prince Albert and when she offered to revamp our menu, we didn’t have to think twice.

Shared Sustainable Goals

We’ve known Camilla since the early days of Darling Brew when we were exclusive beer suppliers to her restaurant The Table at De Meye. Our commitment to sustainability fit perfectly with her award-winning restaurant’s ethos of careful sourcing and low carbon footprint.

Such is the resonance in our approach to a conscious lifestyle, that it only took Camilla a week to make a difference. She’s quickly understood the need to align our menu with the principles of Africa’s first carbon-neutral brewery.

Seeing that we sourced cheese from a producer in the village, and meat from the local butcher, she began to ask about other ingredients from nearby. A visit to Darling Olives, just 3 km out of town, convinced her that we had some world class produce right on our doorstep in the Swartland. Things started to snowball from there.

Despite her award-winning restaurant pedigree, Camilla has not been tempted to alter the menu too drastically. She’s a very pragmatic cook, who understands that people are not venturing out to a brewery looking for fine dining. Simple, delicious pub fare, inspired by global food trends is what it’s all about.

Menu with Local Produce

She’s left the hamburger on the menu, choosing to source better ingredients and significantly improve the quality of the recipe. A dish like nachos has been elevated to the exceptional.

Using the spent grain chips we make from the leftover brewer’s mash, Camilla

added a slow-braised dish of beans flavoured with smoked paprika and Gypsy Mask Ale. Cheese is melted on this and served with a salsa and guacamole. It can be enjoyed just so for a vegetarian meal, or customers can add succulent slow-roast chicken or brisket.

This is not rocket-science cooking. It’s about good ingredients and a keen understanding of how to develop and deliver flavor. Simplicity is key, as is service.

Training and Economic Contribution

Camilla has also bought her experience in restaurants and a keen eye for

detail to training the Tasteroom team. There’s a snap and a crackle to the service again, as skills improve. The Tasteroom is the public face of our brewery a great food and service experience there make our beer taste even better.

Camilla’s inclusive management style brings with it an understanding of everyone’s individual importance to our entire operation. Making customers happy is good for business in the restaurant. It’s also good for the Darling Brew brand and for our village.

Darling Brew is more than just a brewery. It provides a singular tourism drawcard to add to the many attractions of the Swartland. We create work for locals both directly and indirectly, though tourism. An ace chef and motivated team are key to that intention, as is a delicious pub menu, based on hyper-local by sourcing from local producers.

Glance over the generous menu and you will find olive oil, cheese, butter, bread, meat, wine, milk, yoghurt and veggies all from local producers. While you are with us, a proud local will cook and serve your meal. Your beer will be poured by a real-deal Darling local. This makes us incredibly proud.

Don’t Forget the Beers

While you tuck into something tasty from the menu, don’t forget why you popped in to see us. We have a range of new offerings for the serious beer-lover.

Warlord is our new Imperial IPA, inspired by the black rhino and weighing in at a hefty 9% alcohol per volume. The trend towards lighter beers like radlers, has produced the delicious Golden Tail. At just 2,6%, it is inspired by the Golden-ringed Dragonfly. For an easy-drinking Weiss beer try our award-winning Pixie Dust with its distinctive Cape Honey Bee branding.

Take a brewery tour, or just enjoy a light lunch. Our beers – your favourites and the new lines – are all available on tap. Choose a pint or taste a selection in one of our popular tasting flights of 100 ml each of 4 varieties.

Darling Brew, is Swartland hospitality at its best. And we’ve got beer.