Introducing Africa’s first Carbon Neutral Beer #SpotTheSerpent

Just like our beer Blood Serpent, its inspiration, the Secretary Bird, is unique not only for its name. It stands out because of its distinct profile, quite unlike that of any other bird - or beer.  Most people don’t know that recently it was classified as an endangered species. Another reason why we chose to draw attention to this breathtaking bird of prey.

Blood Serpent is a deliciously refreshing dry-hopped lager that is 100% carbon neutral. Thought leaders and game changers, this is the beer for you. Read our tasting notes to learn more about Blood Serpent’s unique flavour.

How we offset the carbon of Blood Serpent

We have offset the carbon of Blood Serpent through the Kariba REDD+ project. REDD+ is an acronym for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation – it’s all about empowering people, preserving forests and protecting wild life.


The Kariba REDD+ Project supported by Darling Brew is located on the shores of Lake Kariba in Northern Zimbabwe spanning an area of 785 000 hectares.  It connects several game reserves and national parks including Mana Pools National Park and Chizarira. Over the past few years, Northern Zimbabwe has lost 3% of its forest cover, whilst wildlife populations have become threatened and effected. The project aims to combat these negative effects and uplift the local communities in the process with financial support from project supporters.

The project has emissions reductions that are real, measurable and permanent. The Carbon Offsets are validated by recognised verification bodies such as the Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard and the Plan Vivo.

These are some of the ways in which the Kariba Redd+ Project is making real change happen:

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